Design to ease and purify your life.

Good design makes your life easier and supports you to experience and appreciate the beauty of it.

bocca wallet

It began with a thought, a dream about a beautiful, pure and easy usable wallet for cards and cash. A wallet which gives you an good overview of your cards, easy access and even easier access to you frequently used card. No scratched cards anymore and no comprises in adding paper money. It developed through hundreds of prototypes to the final one: the Bocca, presented the first time to the public, at ArTminius21 Berlin, February the 2nd 2019.


Where’s the best place for a nappy change? The bathroom at least is easy to clean up and often has a water tap in reach. Unfortunately often the bathroom is as narrow as the hallway and there might not be the space for adding a changing rack. The „Wamachasu“ (washing machine changing support) however might be your solution. You can put it on the top of your washing machine. It is almost as narrow as the machine itself but a littlebit longer so your infant will easily fit on it. It is heightened so your at eye level with your child and you don’t have to bend your back. Underneath there’s space for diapers, spare clothes and other stuff. On the side you have a drawer to store refillments or less frequently used cremes or so. Or if you need, pulled out the drawer becomes a rack where you can put something in close reach but still unreachable for your infant.


In a narrow hall you might not want a wide and bulky wardrobe. However you might need to hang more than just a view jackets and be able to put some hats, scarps or umbrellas on it. The Woodrobe makes that possible by adding a nice peace of oak to your interior design.


Kickboard (for shoes)

In my apartment I want my shoes to be invisible. Not because I don't like them but usually they are not the cleanest and make the whole floor look untidy. At the same time I don't want to spent much time to fetch them.

With the Kickboard you an overview of 12 pair of shoes with just one kick. And with another kick they hide – until you kick again.  


Magnetic spice shelf

I love magnets for there unexpected and invisible power.  Like that spices are picked like fruits  from the tree to give your cooking the special flavor,


Towel rail on the rope

Lets assume you need something to dry your towel on but you don't want to drill holes into the tiles. And lets assume further that you already have a curtain bar in your bathroom. Why don't just use it to hang your towel rail on?   

THe hanging board

If you don't wanna drill holes in tiles just don't do it. There are always other possibilities hanging around.

Japanese Curtain

How to cover shabby stuff at the end of your hall? Why not with a clean and pure Japanese curtain. It's out of wood and Japanese Shoji paper and therefore sustain- and durable. If you don't exaggerate with the guiding rail and the frame it's even affordable.


If you have hundreds of photos put them on a roll and let them slide smoothly through the "Filmspuldose".

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